Hybrid ACDC 12K/18K/24K

Deye Hybrid AC/DC Inverter Solar air conditioner




  1. Technology and Structure

Hybrid ACDC inverter solar air conditioner based on full DC inverter air conditioner and DC solar panel technology. Compared with fix speed on/off compressor or AC motor, DC inverter compressor or DC motor can adjust speed from 0.1HZ to 85HZ based on different DC power input. It is because all DC compressor and DC motor have it’s own designed driver controller.

Deye have accurate inverter air conditioner controller technology and solar inverter technology for more than 12 years. Deye hybrid ACDC controller system use unstable solar panel power directly drive different type of DC compressor or DC motor. So we developed 1st DC solar water pump controller.

  1. Installation

For Deye Hybrid ACDC inverter solar air conditioner installation mainly have two parts.

1st part is air conditioner installation, this is same as normal market R410A inverter air conditioner installation, we suggest complete by professional air conditioner installation service company with license.

2nd part is solar panel installation and connect to our outdoor unit.

Please check below and follow to finish

  1. Package list

Indoor unit1
Remote controller1
Drain Pipe1
Installation manual user manual1
Hanger plate1
Indoor & Outdoor Cable1
Accessory Bag1
Outdoor unit1
Copper connection Pipe2
Scotch tape1

  • Solar panel and system installation

Below is the design how our system should be installed. If you want to use air conditioner only in day time (approximate from 7:00am to 17:00pm), then no need to install grid power to our system. If you want to ran at night with electricity or generator or you want to work mix power to get best cooling in heavy cloudy days you can install grid power part for 24 hours working.

  • Solar panel choosing

Deye hybrid ACDC unit suit for both Poly and mono solar panel on the market from 250w to 450w. But all the solar panel should be in series connection, parallel is not allowed.

Solar air conditioner DC specification:

ModelCapacitySolar DC voltageDC CurrentInput Power request
DGWA1-ACDCBLW-12K WiFi12000btu  1.5HP  1Ton80V-380V</=10A940(190-1270) W
DGWA1-ACDCBLW-18K WiFi18000btu  2.0Hp  1.5Ton80V-380V</=10A1400(220-2100) W
DGWA1-ACDCBLW-24K WiFi24000btu  3.0Hp  2.0Ton80V-380V</=10A1790(300-3200) W

Solar panel advice:

  1. WiFi control and APP power meter

1st: Download “Solar Aircon” App(IOS and Android) from Google Play or Apple store by scan below barcode. Register with your phone number.

2nd :Power on the solar air conditioner device, using remote control, press “LIGHT” button 8 or more times within 10 seconds. Check when hearing “Di Di Di Di” and the Wi-Fi indicator light is flashing.

Inverter solar air conditioner Wifi setting

3rd :Turn on cell phone Bluetooth and connecting family Wi-Fi. Open App, click add device, app will get our solar AC device automatically. Confirm the device, enter home or office WiFi password, then start connection.  Refer to below picture.

Inverter solar air conditioner setting

4th:Using App control air conditioner anywhere you are through WIFI. Checking power saving data and power using by Hour/Day/Month/Year.

inverter solar air conditioner APP

Youtube Video of Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner