1、 How does the hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner works?

Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner can work with AC grid power and solar panel DC power, without battery, inverter and charge controller. During the day, it can work with solar panel power directly without grid power; in the evening, it work with grid power, change automatically

2、What’s the difference of Hybrid ACDC and DC 48V type solar air conditioner?

Hybrid ACDC no need inverter no need battery,  it works with unstable solar panel DC power at day time. At night or rainy days it automatically get grid AC power.  It’s mainly used for school classroom, hospital, restaurant, shops, office…

DC 48V solar air conditioner, it works with 48V DC power,  mostly with GEL battery. Need solar panel, charger and battery to supply DC48V power to our air conditioner day and night, the battery size and panel need to calculate based on how long you use and power consumption.  This cost compared with ACDC type, it’s higher because of battery

2、How much energy saving?

Hybrid ACDC type in day time save 80% to 100% power compare with normal air conditioner, night save 30% because of VRF inverter air conditioner.  We have APP power meter can check power saving data by hour by day by month and year.

3、How many type solar air conditioner we have?

Hybrid ACDC we have split wall mounted type 12k/18k/24k (1ton/1.5ton/2ton) (1.5Hp/2Hp/3Hp)

DC48V we have 09k 12k 18k 24k.

For Duct type 48K 60K is under research.

4、What’s compressor brand and refrigerant type?

We use Twin-Rotary inverter type DC compressor, GMCC/ Highly/ Panasonic brand

Refrigerant is R410A type.

5、What is the warranty we offer from factory?

Standard we give 3 years full unit warranty, 5 years for compressor from factory.  1% free spare parts we can offer to our customer if ordering by container. Customer will arrange assembling and we will arrange free parts to our customer within the warranty time and will give repair instruction.

6、How to install solar air conditioner products?

We will give full technical training about our solar air conditioner instruction. We give installation instruction book to our customer also.

7、What is included in our packages if standard price?

Because we are manufacture, we provide solar air conditioner without solar panel. Air conditioner parts as below photo we provide to our customer.

8、How many solar panel requested for our unit?

Hybrid ACDC based on below chart, DC 48V calculate based on power consumption by solar customer engineer same as normal off grid solar system.